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When my good friend Diane Reynolds, who is also a local realtor, took me to see this property, I really had no interest in buying until I looked out the 2nd floor window and saw the garden.

It was 200 feet long, 20 feet wide, totally forgotten garden. I instantly saw it as another room, that totally completed the property. It was the room that would define the entire project and business. I knew what needed to change and exactly how it would look finished. Everything else just fell into place. 


As soon as we bought the property I called DJ Noyes, a talented landscape designer who at the time was working with renowned landscape architect Peter Cummin of Cummin Associates. DJ saw what I saw, and not only brought my plan to life on paper, he made it better. 


I am so proud of this garden. With the exception of a few, I think most of the town really appreciates how this garden has enhanced our little community. Our customers can sit at our communal tables, look at our working garden, and relax.  

-The Mother Clucker