Designed exclusively by DJ Noyes and Alexandra Nicholas


When my friend, a local realtor,  took me to see the property at 147 Water Street, I really had no interest until I looked out the second floor window and saw the garden.


It was 20 feet wide, 200 feet long and badly neglected. I instantly envisioned another room, one that totally transformed and completed the property. It was the room that would eventually define the entire project and direction of the business. I knew exactly what needed to change and how it should look. Everything else just fell into place. 


As soon as I bought the property, I called DJ Noyes, a talented landscape designer who at the time, was working with renowned landscape architect Peter Cummin of Cummin Associates. DJ saw what I saw, and not only brought my plan to life on paper, he made it even better. 


Whether you're grabbing a quick bite, having a coffee, meeting a friend or hosting a garden soiree, THE COQ &CO. is a relaxing place to be.

— The Mother Clucker

Birds Of A Feather

Birds Of A Feather

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